How to Care For Your Engagement Ring - A Quick Guide

September 21, 2016

How to Care For Your Engagement Ring - A Quick Guide

Getting engaged is such an exciting time! You have so much to do - plan an engagement party, set a date, choose your venue and go dress shopping! Before you do all that, it's important to remember that very special rock that's now adorning your left hand - your engagement ring! Its a ring you intend to wear every day for the rest of your life, so it's important to know how to take care of it. Today we discuss our top tips for caring for your engagement ring.


It's a good idea to take out insurance for your ring as soon as you receive it. If you already have home insurance, add it to the policy, or take out a separate policy if not, so that you are covered for loss, theft or damage. Your jeweler should be able to provide you with an official valuation for the ring if your fiance hasn't already obtained this.

caring for your engagement ring

Keep it clean

Your engagement ring is exposed to so many things throughout the day such as soap, food, makeup, shampoo and hairspray. If you're going to be doing the dishes or showering, ensure you take off your ring and keep it in a safe place while you are cleaning so that it does not get affected by cleaning chemicals. It's also really important to remember to remove it before using bleach or hair dye! Use a polishing cloth regularly to remove any residue or smudges from the band and gemstones to keep it looking its best.


caring for your engagement ring


When you’re not wearing your engagement ring, you should store it in a safe place, away from other jewelry and small items. A ring box or a soft pouch is the ideal place to keep it – but always ensure you know where you’ve put it! It's a good idea to invest in a safe deposit box for important items like your engagement ring and wedding bands.

caring for your engagement ring

Handle with care

Always pick up your ring and handle it by the band, never by the stones or setting. This will stop residue from building up on the stone and prevent it from becoming loose. If you're worried that the stone is loose, take it to a reputable jeweler to have it fixed.

A final tip is to bring your ring to a professional jeweler to have it cleaned regularly. Some jewelers will offer this service for free when you've purchased the ring there. It's nice to do this before a special event as your engagement ring will be truly sparkling afterwards!

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